How you can help a stranger video joke

Into a bar, Jimmy walks up to the bartender and orders a beer. He looks around for a seat and the only seat left is next to a stranger. The bartender sees him looking at the empty seat and says: "I wouldn't sit next to him if I were you. That guy is strange." Jimmy looks at the bartender and says, "Well, it's the only place to sit down" and walks down the bar to sit next to the stranger. As Jimmy sits down the stranger glances over at him and Jimmy nods a greeting. The stranger nods in return and turns back to his drink. Jimmy finishes his beer and orders another one. He finishes that one and orders a third. The stranger says nothing and does nothing the entire time Jimmy has been drinking. Jimmy forgets about the stranger and starts watching the TV behind the bar. Then a hot blonde walks in the bar and looks around. Jimmy sees her and says out loud "Wow! She is smoking hot." The stranger glances over at the blonde and says "Not my type." Jimmy is amazed and turns to the stranger and asks "What type of woman do you like." To which the stranger replies "I like my women like my coffee." Jimmy smiles and says "Old, black and bitter?" The stranger turns to him and says "Hell no! Ground up and in the freezer."
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