Soon we shall be completely stupid

with Judy Davis as George Sand, Hugh Grant as Frederic Chopin, Emma Thompson as Duchess D'Antan, Mandy Patinkin as Alfred de Musset, Bernadette Peters as Marie D'Agoult, Julian Sands as Franz Liszt, clip from Impromptu (1991) film directed by James Lapinea and written by Sarah Kernochan.

Dialogues with pictures

DUCHESS D'ANTAN: I am as excited as if it were an opening night at the Comedie Francaise. You rode over in all this rain! PRIEST: A new play! This is a real treat! DUCHESS D'ANTAN: Our artists have been up all night making their costumes. It's terribly exciting! FREDERIC CHOPIN: You're not acting in this piece? MARIE D'AGOULT: I have no stomach for farce. I am here to cue you. FREDERIC CHOPIN: Aha! MARIE D'AGOULT: When I signal you like so, you must play something which suggests rain. FREDERIC CHOPIN: I expect this will be very amusingI expect this will be very amusing. DUCHESS D'ANTAN: Yes. MARIE D'AGOULT: Alfred and George have really outdone themselves this time. Do you know, I think they are still in love with each other. DUCHESS D'ANTAN: Clap. FRANZ LISZT AS GOD: Good evening. I am God. I have grown disappointed in my master creation, the human raceI have grown disappointed in my master creation, the human race. I endowed them with everything. The riches of the land, sea and air. And enough intelligence to worship me. But they have become arrogant and pampered. I shall destroy them. All except for one man and his family. This is my servant Noah and his wife Noette and their children. Into their hands do I place the future of mankind. GEORGE SAND AS NOETTE: Oh, this heat! Will it never rain? Here sits my stupid lout of a husband. I don't know what God sees in him. Ah, who can express the despair of youth married to age? My husband is 600 years old while I am but 150! ALFRED DE MUSSET AS NOAH: A dove! Ha! What luck! There will be good hunting today! GEORGE SAND AS NOETTE: Look! It has begun to rain! Stupid, stupid rain! FRANZ LISZT AS GOD: Yes, I have sent the stupid rain to fall upon the earthI have sent the stupid rain to fall upon the earth and stupidity shall engulf all its inhabitants. Hurry now to the ark and fill it with two each of the creatures of land, sea and air. GEORGE SAND AS NOETTE: Lord, we have no need for animals. Art alone will save the world. We'll need two of everything. Two poets, painters, musicians... FRANZ LISZT AS GOD: Impossible! They will not come. Your conversation is not witty and you have no idealsYour conversation is not witty and you have no ideals. GEORGE SAND AS NOETTE: True. But we shall also give them free food and lodging for 40 days and nights. We shall also need two playwrights, two composers, two makers of velvet flowers. FRANZ LISZT AS GOD: Now you go too far. GEORGE SAND AS NOETTE: But it is an art, surely. ALFRED DE MUSSET AS NOAH: Noette, come quickly! This stupid rain is up to our waists! We are now half-stupid! Soon we shall be completely stupid!Soon we shall be completely stupid!. GEORGE SAND AS NOETTE: No matter! We shall have geniuses surrounding us on the ark and so our stupidity shall be concealed. FREDERIC CHOPIN: I want no further part of this production! Madame Sand, you insult our hosts. GEORGE SAND: But... it's in the spirit of fun, Monsieur Chopin. FREDERIC CHOPIN: You disgrace our position as guests. I for one was not brought up to repay generosity with impertinence. ALFRED DE MUSSET: You want everything dusted with sugar, like your music, Chopin? You should know: art does not apologise!

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Independent Spirit Awards: Best Female Lead for Judy Davis (won); Best Supporting Female for Emma Thompson (nominated).

Impromptu film was shot entirely on location in France as a British production by an American company.

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