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Watch fabulous European vacation scene from European vacation 1985 comedy film directed by Amy Heckerling and written by Robert Klaneon.

Dialogues with pictures

KENT WINKDALE: Come on out here! ANNOUNCER OF PIG IN A POKE GAME SHOW: The Griswalds have just won a fabulous European vacation!The Griswalds have just won a fabulous European vacation! We'll fly the whole family to London, England to start a two-week vacation extravaganza you'll never forget. CLARK GRISWOLD: On to Germany, where you'll enjoy a fine meal at Dieter's and dance to the gay music This is going to be some vacation, kids. RUSS: Yeah, Dad. ELLEN: Rusty, give me a hand and set the table. RUSS: Why can't Audrey do it? ELLEN: Because Audrey has company. Rusty, come on! RUSS: Wait a minute. CLARK GRISWOLD: Russ, obey your mother. AUDREY: I can't stand the thought of being away from you for whole two weeks. JACK: It'll be like before we met. AUDREY: Before we met, my life was horrible and meaningless. Wasn't yours? JACK: Sort of. CLARK GRISWOLD: Let's light it up!CLARK GRISWOLD: Let's light it up! ELLEN: Audrey, please eat something. CLARK GRISWOLD: Everybody, listen up. Let's look at the map and go over our scheduleLet's look at the map and go over our schedule. The plane will fly us from Chicago to London. RUSS: That's Madrid, Dad. CLARK GRISWOLD: You're right. This must be one of those old medieval maps. AUDREY: Dad, I made a decision. I can't leave Jack. Besides, the food in Europe is fattening. JACK: And I like her thin. She eats too much. ELLEN: Clark, why don't you and I go alone? It's obvious the kids don't even want to go. CLARK GRISWOLD: Of course they do. We're a family. We're going to Europe as a family. AUDREY: Don't we have a say in this? RUSS: I think we should vote on it. CLARK GRISWOLD: I can be big about this. We'll be a democracy. Everybody votes. RUSS: Who will be president? CLARK GRISWOLD: Let's vote on that. We'll have a secret ballot. Write down your choice give it to your mother. This will be for the President of the Republic of Griswald. ELLEN: All right, that's one for Clark. One for Rusty. One for Jack. One for Clark. CLARK GRISWOLD: That's two for Clark. As President of the Griswald Republic, I move we go to Europe. Jack, you wait here.


Famous landmarks and sights appearing as the family tours England, France, West Germany, and Italy include: London's Tower Bridge; Lambeth Bridge Roundabout (Clark drives the car into the inner ring and can't get out of the traffic); Buckingham Palace; Heathrow Airport, Hounslow, Middlesex; Big Ben (Clark repeatedly announces to the kids on every loop around the Lambeth Bridge roundabout); Palace of Westminster; Stonehenge (a scale model of the monument was constructed and Wiltshire was not visited by the crew); Paris's Left Bank; Fontaine des Innocents; Eiffel Tower; Louvre museum; Notre Dame de Paris cathedral; Rome's Colosseum; Spanish Steps; Piazza Navona.

Other locations used in the film include: Statue of Liberty (the torch of which their plane crashes into and knocks over); Notting Hill, West London (Clark runs over Eric Idle's character here).

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