Gets out of the car | Good Will Hunting

with Matt Damon as Will Hunting, Ben Affleck as Chuckie Sullivan, Minnie Driver as Skylar, Casey Affleck as Morgan O'Mally, Cole Hauser as Billy McBride, clip from Good Will Hunting (1997) film directed by Gus Van Sant.

Dialogues with pictures

MORGAN O'MALLY: Will, I can't believe you brought Skylar here when we're all bombed and drinkin'. WILL HUNTING: I know, Morgan. It's a real rarity we'd be all drinkin'. CHUCKIE SULLIVAN: You know, my Uncle Marty drinks. You know. He'll go on a bender for six, eight months. I ever tell you what happened to him when he was drivin' up there and he got pulled over? I told you guys, right?I told you guys, right?. MORGAN O'MALLY: Marty, Marty, yeah. CHUCKIE SULLIVAN: Let me tell you about. Let me tell ya what happened to my Uncle Marty because you oughta know this. MORGAN O'MALLY: He's always tellin' stories. Every time we come here, he's got another story. But we all heard this one. Go ahead, just say it anyway. Go ahead. CHUCKIE SULLIVAN: I will go ahead. Thanks a lot. Guess I have the floor now. My Uncle Marty's drivin' home, right? Bombed out of his tree, right? Just hammered out of his gourd. Just wrecked! This state trooper, uh, sees him and pulls him over. So my uncle's basically. Got him out of the car, and tried to make him walk the line. He gets out of the car you knowHe gets out of the car, you know,. pukes and the guy statie's pretty sure he's over the legal limit. So, he's about to throw the cuffs on him and put him in jail. All of a sudden, 50 yards down the road there's this huge boom, right? So statie gets real spooked, and he turns around. MORGAN O'MALLY: You've heard this story before. BILLY MCBRIDE: Yeah, Morgan, stop it. Stop it. CHUCKIE SULLIVAN: Some other guy's car had hit a tree. Okay? There was an accident. MORGAN O'MALLY: How could he hear the other car accident if it wasn't right behind him? BILLY MCBRIDE: You're driving him nuts.You're driving him nuts.. CHUCKIE SULLIVAN: Shut up! Okay, shut up. MORGAN O'MALLY: He told you the story once before. Go ahead. CHUCKIE SULLIVAN: So he tells my uncle, "Stay here. Don't move." So statie goes runnin' down the road to deal with the other accident. After a few minutes of, of just lyin' in his own piss and vomit, my uncle starts wonderin' what he's doin' there. Gets up, gets in his car and just drives home. Well, the next mornin', my uncle's just passed out and he hears this knocking at the door. So he goes downstairs, pulls the door open "What?" It's the state trooper that pulled him over. "You know what. I pulled you over last night is what, and you took off." He's like, "Bet you I never seen you before in my life. I've been home all night with my kids. I don't know who the you are." He said, "You know who I am. Let me get in your garage." My uncle's like, "What?" He said, "You heard me. Let met get in your garage." My uncle's like, "All right, fine." Takes him 'round to the garage, opens the door. And there's the statie's police cruiser is in my uncle's garage. He was so hammered, he drove the wrong car home. And the best part about it is the state trooper had been so embarrassed, he didn't do anything 'cause he'd been drivin' around all night in my uncle's Chevelle lookin' for the house. MORGAN O'MALLY: All right, Chuck, what is the point of your story? CHUCKIE SULLIVAN: Well, he goes away. That's the point. MORGAN O'MALLY: All right. Well, question. Are you... BILLY MCBRIDE: Come on, stop. MORGAN O'MALLY: I'm tryin' to clarify somethin', probably 'cause you're too embarrassed to ask 'cause you know it doesn't make any sense. BILLY MCBRIDE: It does make sense if you listen to the story and quit askin' questions. SKYLAR: Morgan, let's see if you can get this one. I've got a little story for ya.


The subway car Will rides in is a model that was retired in 1994. The MBTA took one out of mothballs, and cleaned it up for the production.

The script won at 70th Academy Awards and at 55th Golden Globe Awards for Best Original Screenplay. Affleck was twenty-five and Damon was twenty-seven.

The last scene of Will's car driving west on the Massachusetts Turnpike during the credits was filmed near Stockbridge, MA.

After Damon and Affleck sold their script to Castle Rock, it was printed in Daily Variety that they were going to get $600,000 for it. By using a copy of the Daily Variety, because Affleck and Damon had no credit at the time, they rented a house that was $3,000 a month.

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