I will sell this house today

watch a funny video with Annette Bening as Carolyn, an ambitious real estate broker (as an intermediary between sellers and buyers of real estate/property).

Dialogues with pictures

[The Mercedes-Benz ML320 pulls into the driveway, driven by Carolyn. A moving van is parked in front of the colonial house next door. A couple of movers carry a couch down the driveway toward the house.] A couple of movers carry a couch toward the house CAROLYN: So we finally got new neighbors. If the Lomans had let me represent them instead of the Real Estate King that house would never have sat on the market for six months. [BURNHAM & ASSOCIATES OPEN HOUSE TODAY BURNHAM & ASSOCIATES OPEN HOUSE TODAY. The car is parked in front of the house. In front of a different house with much more curb appeal is another sign, with a picture. It reads: ANOTHER ONE SOLD BY BUDDY KANE THE "KING" OF REAL ESTATE "call me". SALE HOUSE - living ROOM - MOMENTS LATER we see Carolyn, working with fierce concentration as she: doggedly scrubs countertops in the kitchen; perches on a stepladder to dust a cheap-looking white ceiling fan in the mater bedroom; and vacuums a dirty carpet that will never be clean. Throughout all this, she keeps repeating to herself:] CAROLYN: I will sell this house today. CAROLYN: I will sell this house today [EXT. SALE HOUSE - front YARD - LATER CLOSE on the front door, as it opens to reveal Carolyn, greeting us with her most winning smile - the smile she thinks could sell ice to an Eskimo.] CAROLYN: Welcome. I'm Carolyn Burnham. [Smiling, Carolyn leads a man and woman into the living room. They're thirsty, and they've seen a lot of houses today.] CAROLYN: This living room is very dramatic. Wait till you see the native stone fireplace! A simple cream could really lighten things up. You could even put in a skylight. Well, why don't we go into the kitchen? we go into the kitchen It's a dream come true for any cook. Just filled with positive energy. You'll be surprised how much a ceiling fan can cut down on your energy costs. You know, you could have some really fun backyard get-togethers out here. BUYER #1: The ad said this pool was lagoon-like. The ad said this pool was lagoon-like Nothing lagoon-like about it. Except for maybe the bugs! There isn't any place like here. CAROLYN: There aren't even any plants out here! What do you call this? Is this not this a plant? If you have a problem with the plants, I can call my landscape architect. Solved! BUYER #2: I think lagoon, I think waterfall. I think tropical. This is a cement hole. CAROLYN: I have some tiki torches in the garage. [Carolyn enters, alone. She's furious. She locks the and starts to cry. Suddenly she slaps herself, hard.] CAROLYN: Shut up! Stop it! You weak. You baby! Shut up! [She stops crying and taking deep, even breaths until she has everything under control. She walks out calmly, leaving us alone in the dark, empty room.]

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Bening recalled women from her youth to inform her performance: "I used to babysit constantly. You'd go to church and see how people present themselves on the outside, and then be inside their house and see the difference." (American Beauty - Wikipedia)

Carolyn is a real estate agent who undergoes life changes in reaction to her husband's, including an energetic affair with a rival real estate agent.

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