Need to wait for novices

with Burt Lancaster as Don Fabrizio Corbera, Prince of Salina, Claudia Cardinale as Angelica Sedara, Alain Delon as Tancredi Falconeri. Clip from clip from Luchino Visconti's 1963 film The Leopard (Il Gattopardo).

Dialogues with pictures

[We are on the feast at Donnafugata offered by Don Fabrizio Corbera, Prince of Salina, to the local authorities. The hosts entertain guests while sophisticated dishes are served at the feast.] TANCREDI FALCONERI: I enjoyed myself enormously, believe me. We had the biggest laughWe had the biggest laugh on 28th May. The General needed a lookout post in the Origlione monastery. We knocked, we swore. Nobody answered the door. It was a convent for a closed order of nuns. PRINCESS MARIA STELLA: By the way, Reverend, tomorrow we'll pray at the tomb of the reverend mother Corbera. REVEREND: Excellent. Those good nuns have already been informed to expect your excellencies. They're in a flurry of preparation for your visitpreparation for your visit. DON FABRIZIO CORBERA: We've never missed going there the day after our arrival. ANGELICA SEDARA: And then, what happened? TANCREDI FALCONERI: I'll tell youI'll tell you. Tassoni, Aldrighetti and I and someone else tried to break down the door, to no avail. So we ran to get a beam from a shelled house nearby. Finally, with an infernal din, the door gave way. We entered. Everywhere was deserted. Suddenly we heard desperate twitterings from around the corner of a corridor. Taking refuge in the chapel, the nuns were piled up against the altar. Who knows what they feared from those ten fed-up young lads. It was comic to see them, old and ugly as they were with their black habits, startled eyes, all ready and willing for martyrdom whining like bitches. Our handsome Tassoni yelled: "We've no time, sisters. We'll return when you've got us some young novices." All the boys fell about laughing. We left the disappointed nuns and went to fire on the king's troops. Ten minutes later I was wounded. ANGELICA SEDARA: How I wish I'd been there with you all. TANCREDI FALCONERI: If you'd been there, there would have been no need to wait for novicesno need to wait for novices. [Upon hearing this answer, Angelica bursts into a ravishing laugh. The laughter becomes so tumultuous and resounding that everyone stops talking and looks awkwardly at the young girl.
Concetta also looks intrigued at Angelica who couldn't stop laughing, then without waiting, he suddenly gets up from the table.
Initially, Tancredi laughs too, but then, embarrassed, he changes his facial expression into a smile.
Annoyed, Don Fabrizio signals that the feast is over and gets up from the table, followed closely by the other guests.]


The Prince (Lancaster) sees the wisdom of the match because he knows that, due to his nephew's vaulting ambition, Tancredi will be in need of ready cash.

The film debuted at the 1963 Cannes Film Festival where it won the Palme d'Or.

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