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with Chris O'Donnell as Charlie Simms, Philip Seymour Hoffman as George Willis, Jr., Nicholas Sadler as Harry Havemeyer, Todd Louiso as Trent Potter, Matt Smith as Jimmy Jameson, watch clip from Scent of a Woman 1992 film.

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[The scene takes place in the corridors of the school, when the four rich students make plans where to spend their winter holidays.] TRENT POTTER: Lift tickets and condo vouchers. JIMMY JAMESON: I thought we were goin' to Stowe. GEORGE WILLIS: Sugarbush is Stowe, Jimmy. HARRY HAVEMEYER: We're doing it right, Thanksgiving in Vermont, Christmas in SwitzerlandWe're doing it right, Thanksgiving in Vermont, Christmas in Switzerland. JIMMY JAMESON: Christmas in Gstaad is gonna cost us... HARRY HAVEMEYER: 'Staad. The "G" is silent ... JIMMY JAMESON: Fine. The "G" may be silent, but Plans for holidays Scent of a Womanit's gonna take at least three grand to get there. I'll talk to my father. HARRY HAVEMEYER: Better yet, have my father talk to your father. GEORGE WILLIS: Or my father talk to your father. GEORGE WILLIS: You goin' home this weekend, Chas? CHARLIE SIMMS: I don't know. GEORGE WILLIS: You goin' home to fuckin' Idaho for Thanksgiving? CHARLIE SIMMS: I'm from Oregon. GEORGE WILLIS: I meant fuckin' Oregon. HARRY HAVEMEYER: Charlie, how do you feel about skiinghow do you feel about skiing? You in the mood for the white-bosomed slopes of Vermont? Got a deal going. 20% off for my friends. My father set it up. Christmas in Switzerland. JIMMY JAMESON: 'Staad. HARRY HAVEMEYER: Gstaad. Dropping the "G" is phony. JIMMY JAMESON: You said everybody says 'Staad. HARRY HAVEMEYER: Not if you've been thereNot if you've been there. Easter in Bermuda, then Kentucky Derby weekend. We could fit you in, kid. CHARLIE SIMMS: Well, how much are these white-bosomed slopes of Vermont? HARRY HAVEMEYER: Twelve hundred! Includes a nine-course, champagne Thanksgiving dinner. CHARLIE SIMMS: $1200 is a little rich for my blood, Harry. HARRY HAVEMEYER: Well, how short are you? CHARLIE SIMMS: How short, Harry? So short it wouldn't be worth the trouble of you and George to measure. But, thanks for askin', all right? HARRY HAVEMEYER: If you change your mind... GEORGE WILLIS: What'd you do that for? You know he's on aid. HARRY HAVEMEYER: On major holidays, Willis, it's customary for the lord of the manor to offer drippings to the poor.

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All the boys are students at the Baird School, an exclusive New England preparatory school but unlike most of his peers, Charlie Simms was not born into a wealthy family, and attends the school on a scholarship. Charlie accepts a temporary job over Thanksgiving weekend to afford a plane ticket home to Oregon for Christmas.

When discussing travel plans, Jimmy Jameson thought they were going to Stowe, rather than Sugarbush. George Willis, Jr. corrects him, saying, "Sugarbush is Stowe." The two are not the same, nor connected. Sugarbush Resort is in Warren, VT, while Stowe Mountain Resort is 40 miles away in Stowe, VT.

On October 31, 1939, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed a presidential proclamation changing the holiday to the next to last Thursday in November in an effort to boost the economy.

Philip Seymour Hoffman auditioned for his role five times before he was cast; he was working various odd jobs in between sporadic film and TV roles, stocking shelves at a Manhattan deli before being cast. Hoffman cited this as the film that changed everything for his career.

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