Even seen my face | Housesitter

with Goldie Hawn as Gwen and Dana Delany as Becky Metcalf, clip from Housesitter 1992 film directed by Frank Oz and written by Mark Stein.

Dialogues with pictures

GWEN: We just talk and talk. There's so much to talk about. We have this amazing communicationWe have this amazing communication. It's like Chinese food. BECKY METCALF: Excuse me? GWEN: Like on Thursdays and you can't deal with dinner? He comes home with this big bag of Chinese take-out. It's just like he knew! BECKY METCALF: That's amazing. GWEN: I know, Chinese food. Can you stand it? That's fabulous. Are you finished with that? Ooh, that's good. BECKY METCALF: So, you were starting to tell me how the two of you methow the two of you met. GWEN: Oh, right. I'm crossing Boylston street and this moron doing a right on red plows right into me and then takes off. We never did catch him. BECKY METCALF: Were you hurt? GWEN: My nose was busted, both cheekbones were cracked, and the front of my jaw was fractured. They had me all taped up like one of those mummies and all you could see were my eyeballs and my lips. BECKY METCALF: My God! GWEN: So I'm in this hospital room and I'm sharing it with this woman who works for an architectural firm. Davis came in and brought her balloons. He felt sorry for me on account of my being a mummy, and he gave me one of the balloons. He came back the next day to visit me, then the next and then the next. It wasn't like a come-on because he hadn't even seen my facebecause he hadn't even seen my face. It was just two people talking, during which came out that I didn't have the insurance to pay for the bill so he paid for it. BECKY METCALF: Davis did? How long were you in? GWEN: Two weeks. BECKY METCALF: How could he afford that? He's got all of his money in that house. GWEN: Oh, well, you know he's an architect. BECKY METCALF: Yes, but he's just an associate. It doesn't pay very much. GWEN: You know, he got promoted. BECKY METCALF: He has? GWEN: Mm-hmm, yeah. They love him over at that firm now. BECKY METCALF: They do?They do? GWEN: He's kicking big architectural butt. He takes me home from the hospital and runs all these errands for me... BECKY METCALF: All this time, he's never seen your face, you're still all wrapped up? Oh, this is so Davis. GWEN: Then one night, he kissed me. And we started to... well, you know. Here I am in this mummy mask, but it was incredible because I could be anyone. Oh, God, I can't tell you how hot that made it. So, then he wants to marry me and he hasn't even seen my face. So what he proposes is, which is of course what we did, is we got married the next week at the hospital. When the chaplain said "You may now kiss the bride," instead of lifting the veil, the doctor unwrapped the gauze. And he saw me for the first time. And he looked at me and he smiled. And then, the rest. BECKY METCALF: Oh. GWEN: Yeah.


Housesitter was released theatrically on June 12, 1992, after being moved back from an initial May 8 release date, and performed reasonably well for a low-key comedy film. It earned $9.1 million on its opening weekend and $58.5 million for its entire domestic theatrical run, grossing a total of $94.9 million worldwide.

Director Frank Oz attended Oakland Technical High School and Oakland City College. He worked as an apprentice puppeteer at Children's Fairyland as a teenager with the Vagabond Puppets, a production of the Oakland Recreation Department.

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