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Watch funny scene with Richard Pryor as blind Wally Karew and Gene Wilder as deaf Dave Lyons, from See No Evil, Hear No Evil (1989), when Wally applies for a job in Dave's New York City concession shop.

Dialogues with pictures

DAVE LYONS: Can I help youCan I help you? WALLY KAREW: I'm here about the ad in the paper. "Salesman wanted. Must have sense of humor." Are you the owner of the shop, sir? DAVE LYONS: Who are you talking to? WALLY KAREW: Oh, there you are. Damn. Look at that. Contacts again. See that? Oh. I'm looking for Mr. David Lyons. DAVE LYONS: I'm David Lyons. WALLY KAREW: Pleased to meet you. Oh, I'm sorry. I read your ad in the paper about an Ivy League type. Tall, dark, handsome. Three out of four ain't bad, right? You can see I'm nervous. Really want the job but I am a damned good salesmanReally want the job but I am a damned good salesman. DAVE LYONS: I'm David Lyons. What can I do for you? WALLY KAREW: Uh-oh. Ooh. Heh. Are we caught in a time warp here? Twilight Zone, maybe? Any Martians here who want to speak to Mr. David Lyons? Ha, ha. You're a funny guy. I really like that ad you put in the paper. Must have a sense of humor. Not many people would do thatNot many people would do that. I'm your guy. If you want me, here I am. DAVE LYONS: Would you tell me what you want. WALLY KAREW: Three-fifty. DAVE LYONS: What are you talking about? WALLY KAREW: Three hundred, but that's it. DAVE LYONS: Are you talking to me? WALLY KAREW: 225! Listen man, $225 a week. 200. I can't live on less than that. DAVE LYONS: Who are you talking to? WALLY KAREW: I'm talking to you, you prick! What do you say? DAVE LYONS: Look me in the eye and say that. WALLY KAREW: I would if I could, but I can't. I'm blind. DAVE LYONS: You're blindYou're blind? WALLY KAREW: Yes. Now can I have the job? DAVE LYONS: I had no idea. I'm sorry. WALLY KAREW: Now you know, can I get the jobNow you know, can I get the job? DAVE LYONS: You're really blind? WALLY KAREW: Yes. What are you, fucking deaf? DAVE LYONS: Yes! I'm fucking deaf! WALLY KAREW: Deaf? DAVE LYONS: Yes, I'm deaf. WALLY KAREW: You really deaf? DAVE LYONS: I'm really deaf. WALLY KAREW: How do you know what I'm saying? DAVE LYONS: I'm reading your lips. Do you want the job or don't you? WALLY KAREW: Because I'm blind? Shove it up your ass, pal. I don't want no favors. DAVE LYONS: Then go home! Get out! Give me some peace of mind. To hell with blind people! Just walk out. WALLY KAREW: That's better. Now, I believe we agreed on 300. DAVE LYONS: 300 what? What are we talking about? WALLY KAREW: Just a minute, hold everything. Stop the music. Do you like Harvey Wallbangers? DAVE LYONS: Harvey who? WALLY KAREW: Wallbangers. A friend of mine. I'll introduce you to it later. Because tonight, my friend, we celebrate!


Wilder went to the NY League for the Hard of Hearing to study for his role where pathologist Karen Webb had a job and then became his fourth wife.

Of the two lead characters, one is deaf (Wilder) and one is blind (Pryor), they still can both speak, whereby a third lead character would have been arguably mute (like Harpo Marx), something possible, but arguably less accessible to audiences when there is a character who cannot speak.

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