Watch Vacation to fantastic Las Vegas

Watch Vacation to fantastic Las Vegas scene from Vegas Vacation 1997 comedy film directed by Stephen Kessler.

Dialogues with pictures

CLARK GRISWOLD: Hi, honey. Smells good. Can I have ELLEN: Don't, don't! CLARK GRISWOLD: Kids, come in here and gather around! I must show you something! RUSTY: My new car? CLARK GRISWOLD: Keep dreaming. Here, eat these. RUSTY: They're chocolate chip. ELLEN: They're delicious. CLARK GRISWOLD: They're 4 years old. Anyone for milk? 8 years old. It's my long-life food preservative. It's been approved! I got my big bonus! AUDREY: Congratulations. CLARK GRISWOLD: Isn't it great? And that's not all. Mr. Shirley thinks a guy like Clark Griswold deserves days off. And Clark Griswold thinks he should take those days off and take his family on a fabulous vacation to fantastic Las Vegas!take his family on a fabulous vacation to fantastic Las Vegas! AUDREY: There's nothing to do there. ELLEN: Clark, I don't think that Las Vegas is the kind of place you take a family. CLARK GRISWOLD: Oh, come on. Las Vegas has changed, Ellen. It's the No 1 family destination in Americathe No 1 family destination in America. AUDREY: I'm not going. The people there are so phony. RUSTY: Is there legalized prostitution? CLARK GRISWOLD: Not within the city limits. But there is first-class entertainment, beautiful scenery and all the shrimp cocktail you can eat. Listen, everybody how many more chances will we get to do something as a family? Ellen and I are always working.Ellen and I are always working. And you guys are growing up so fast I hardly recognize you anymore. Okay. There's one more reason why you should all go. I'm remarrying your mom if she'll have me. ELLEN: Really, Sparky? CLARK GRISWOLD: What do you say? My 20th anniversary. I could use a best man. Have a bridesmaid in mind? ELLEN: How about Audrey? CLARK GRISWOLD: Audrey who? AUDREY: Dad! ELLEN: What do you say? Let's do it! I think this is going to be the greatest vacation ever.


The Griswolds all drive home in the four cars Rusty won on the slot machines: a red Dodge Viper, a maroon Ford Mustang, a black Hummer H1, and a white Ford Aspire.

Filming took place at Las Vegas' Chapel of the Bells, where the film's producer Jerry Weintraub and his wife Jane Morgan were married in the mid-1960s. Extensive footage was shot at The Mirage resort. Filming also took place on soundstages at the Las Vegas Video Sound Film Production Center. Scenes were also shot at Casa de Shenandoah, the home of entertainer Wayne Newton. Other filming locations included the MGM Grand Las Vegas, the Klondike Hotel and Casino, O'Sheas Casino, the Neon Museum, and Fremont Street Experience.

The film stars Chevy Chase, Beverly D'Angelo, Randy Quaid, Wayne Newton, Ethan Embry, and Wallace Shawn.

The happy family in the center of the Las Vegas brochure is a picture of director Stephen Kessler and his family.

Though Wayne Newton is portrayed in this film as a womanizing bachelor trying to seduce and have an affair with Ellen Griswold (Beverly D'Angelo), in reality Newton was happily married at the time the film was made; he has been married to his second (and as of February 2020, current wife) since 1994, three years before this film was released, and also has one child with her.

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