We are an American family

with Meg Ryan as Kathleen Kelly, Tom Hanks as Joe Fox, Steve Zahn as George Pappas, Hallee Hirsh as Annabelle, Jeffrey Scaperrotta as Matt, clip from You've Got Mail 1998 film produced and directed by Nora Ephron, also screenplay with her sister, Delia.

Dialogues with pictures

[ In another section of the store: George is showing Joe a first edition of Swiss Family Robinsona first edition of Swiss Family Robinson from the glass case. ] GEORGE: The illustrations are hand-tipped, which is why... JOE: It costs so much. GEORGE: It's why it's worth so much. [ Joe smiles and turns to see Kathleen and Annabel at a whole shelf of Betsy-Tacy books.] ANNABEL: I want all of them. KATHLEEN: That might be an awful lot for your dad to buy at one time. ANNABEL: My dad gets me all the books I want. KATHLEEN [looking over at Joe]: Well, that's very nice of him. ANNABEL: That's not my dad. That's my nephew. KATHLEEN:Oh, I don't really think that's your nephewI don't really think that's your nephew... [ As Joe approaches. ] JOE: It's true. Annabel is my aunt. Aren't you, Aunt Annabel? [ Annabel nods solemnly. ] ANNABEL: And Matt is KATHLEEN: Let me guess. [ to Matt ] Are you his uncle? MATT: No. KATHLEEN: His grandfather? [ Annabel and Matt start giggling. ] KATHLEEN: His great-grandfather? MATT: (shouting with glee) I'm his brother. JOE: Annabel is my grandfather's daughter. And Matt is my father's son. We are an American familyWe are an American family. [ He smiles at Kathleen, who finds herself smiling back. ]
[ Kathleen at the computer, typing. ] KATHLEEN (V.O.): I've been thinking about this and I think we should meet. [ She clicks the send button and then exits from American On Line. On her computer screen we now see the standard screen with several icons: American On-Line, Word, Recycle Bin, etc. She clicks Word. She goes to File: New. There are several choices of format. She stares at the choices. Then she clicks Book format. A blank page appears in the computer. She starts to type: "Once upon a time there was a little girl named..." She pauses for a moment and looks around the room. She sees the flowers that Joe brought her. And then she types: "Daisy." As she goes on typing... ] [ On Joe typing. ] JOE (V.O.): We should meet. And we will meet. But I'm in the middle of a project that needs... (he pauses to think of the right word) ... tweaking. [ A look of calculation on his face. ]


You've Got Mail debuted #1 at the North American box office, earning $18.4 million over its opening weekend; it ultimately grossed $115,821,495 from the domestic market and $135,000,000 from other markets for a worldwide total of $250,821,495.

When visiting Kathleen's bookstore, Joe Fox is interested in a first edition of Swiss Family Robinson, which is a castaway story. Tom Hanks would go on to do Cast Away (2000), released two years later.

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