Watch A Big Family Christmas Vacation

Watch a big family scene from Christmas Vacation 1989 about resolving differences and seeing through the problems of family life, the story of the Griswold family spending Christmas vacation at home with their relatives.

Dialogues with pictures

ELLEN: Did I tell you I talked to my mother today? CLARK GRISWOLD JR: And? ELLEN: They've decided they're coming for Christmas toothey're coming for Christmas too. It's not too late to change our plans. CLARK GRISWOLD JR: No, no, that's great. That's great. ELLEN: You're forgetting how difficult it's gonna be having everybody in the house at the same time. CLARK GRISWOLD JR: Honey, they're family. They're not strangers off the street. ELLEN: All they do is argue. CLARK GRISWOLD JR: Christmas is about resolving differences and seeing through the problems of family life. ELLEN: Yeah. And it's about my mother accusing your mother of buying cheap hot dogs. And your mother accusing my mother of waxing her upper lip. And then they don't speak to each other-- CLARK GRISWOLD JR: Your mother waxes her upper lip? ELLEN: She has for years. CLARK GRISWOLD JR: It doesn't show. ELLEN: I don't know, Sparky. I have this feeling-- CLARK GRISWOLD JR: Ellen. I want to have Christmas here in our house. It means a lot to me. All my life I've wanted to have a big family ChristmasI've wanted to have a big family Christmas. ELLEN: I know. It's just that I know how you build things up in your mind, Sparky. You set standards that no family event can ever live up to. CLARK GRISWOLD JR: When have I ever done that? ELLEN: Parties. Weddings. Anniversaries. CLARK GRISWOLD JR: Good night, honey. ELLEN: Funerals. Holidays. CLARK GRISWOLD JR: Oh, great. ELLEN: Vacations. Graduations. RUBY SUE: Santy Claus! Uncle Clark, are you Santy Claus?are you Santy Claus? CLARK GRISWOLD JR: What? You scared me. No, I'm not Santa Claus. I wish I was. What are you doing up, sweetheart? RUBY SUE: Rocky bit my thumb. CLARK GRISWOLD JR: What? RUBY SUE: Him's nervous because Christmas is almost here. CLARK GRISWOLD JR: Nervous or excited? RUBY SUE: Shitting bricks. CLARK GRISWOLD JR: You shouldn't use that word. RUBY SUE: Sorry. Shitting rocks. CLARK GRISWOLD JR: I see. Good. RUBY SUE: Him's nervous because he don't know if he's getting nothing. CLARK GRISWOLD JR: I don't think he should be nervous and you shouldn't be either. Because if you're good, Santa knows it. If you believe in himIf you believe in him and you believe in your mom and you believe in your dad. If you've been good all year round, Santa Claus is gonna bring you something. RUBY SUE: Sometimes I think all that Santa crap is just bull. If he was so real, how come we didn't get squat last year? We didn't do nothing wrong and we still got the shaft. CLARK GRISWOLD JR: Well, I happen to know for a fact that Santa Claus is real. And in the next couple of days somehow I'm gonna prove it to you. You know, every year he comes to our house. I've seen him. RUBY SUE: That's true? CLARK GRISWOLD JR: Cross my heart. So it's good you came to stay with us. RUBY SUE: I love it here. You don't gotta put on your coat to go to the bathroom. And your house is always parked in the same place. CLARK GRISWOLD JR: I think you'd better go back to bed now. RUBY SUE: Look!Look! CATHERINE: Ruby Sue, sweetheart. RUBY SUE: It's Santa Claus. AUDREY: What? What's wrong? FRANCES: What? ELLEN: She thinks she sees Santa. CLARK GRISWOLD JR: No, it's the Christmas starit's the Christmas star. And that's all that matters tonight.
Not bonuses or gifts or turkeys or trees.
See, kids it means something different to everybody. Now I know what it means to me.
UNCLE LEWIS: That ain't the frigging Christmas star, Gris. It's a light on the sewage treatment plant.
CLARK GRISWOLD JR: Sewer gas. Don't drop that! Share this page on Facebook

Cast of characters

Chevy Chase as Clark W. "Sparky" Griswold Jr., Beverly D'Angelo as Ellen Griswold, Juliette Lewis as Audrey Griswold, Johnny Galecki as Russ Griswold, John Randolph as Clark Griswold Sr., Diane Ladd as Nora Griswold, E. G. Marshall as Art Smith, Doris Roberts as Frances Smith, Miriam Flynn as Cathrine Johnson, Randy Quaid as Eddie Johnson, Cody Burger as Rocky Johnson, Ellen Hamilton Latzen as Ruby Sue Johnson, William Hickey as Lewis, Mae Questel as Bethany, Sam McMurray as Bill, Julia Louis-Dreyfus as Margo Chester, Nicholas Guest as Todd Chester, Brian Doyle-Murray as Frank Shirley, Natalia Nogulich as Helen Shirley, Nicolette Scorsese as Mary, Alexander Folk as Lead SWAT Officer, Doug Llewelyn as the voice of the Parade Announcer.


Directed by Jeremiah S. Chechik and written by John Hughes, the musical score for National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation was composed by Angelo Badalamenti. It is the only installment of the Vacation film series not to include Lindsey Buckingham's "Holiday Road". In its place is a song entitled "Christmas Vacation" that was written for the movie by the husband-and-wife songwriting team of Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil and performed by Mavis Staples of The Staple Singers fame.

When Clark is in bed, trying to read People Magazine with sticky fingers from the tree sap, the person shown on the cover of the magazine is director Jeremiah S. Chechik.

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