Watch Merry Christmas Carolers

Watch scene with Chevy Chase as Andy Farmer, Madolyn Smith as Elizabeth, scene from Funny Farm 1988.

Dialogues with pictures

Band playing 'Deck The Halls'[Band playing 'Deck The Halls'] ANDY: This is gonna cost us a fortune. ELIZABETH: The $50 bonus was your idea. ANDY: Little piece of heaven, isn't it, Bud? BUD: Very nice. Very nice. WOMAN #1: Happy holidays. MAN #1: Season's greetings. MAYOR BARCLAY: Merry Christmas. Ho, ho, ho. MAN #2: Season's greetings, folks. WOMAN #2: Merry Christmas. MAYOR BARCLAY: Ho, ho, ho. Merry Christmas. Merry Christmas. AndyMerry Christmas. Andy. SHERIFF LEDBETTER: Merry Christmas, folks. Merry Christmas. Merry Christmas. ANDY: Hello, sheriff. Is everything going well in Redbud? SHERIFF LEDBETTER: I was just about to take a run to your place. BUD: You patrol the homes outside of town? SHERIFF LEDBETTER: Absolutely. Twice a day. Check for any suspicious vehicles or persons in the area. If the owner is on vacation, I try the locks. Pick up all the newspapers. Redbud may be a small town-- ANDY: Well, keep up the good work, sheriff. Ivy's is open. Hungry, Bud? ELIZABETH: Merry Christmas. BATSY: Merry Christmas, sheriff. SHERIFF LEDBETTER: Merry Christmas. MAN #1: Watch itWatch it. MAN #2: Move out of the way! ANDY: Watch your step. ALL: Merry Christmas. ANDY: Merry Christmas. BUD: Merry Christmas. ELIZABETH: Merry Christmas. BATSY: Merry Christmas. [CAROLERS SINGING "DECK THE HALLS"] BOY: Hey, Morn, this is fun! [SINGING "SILENT NIGHT"] ELIZABETH: I love the sound of Christmas carolersI love the sound of Christmas carolers. ANDY: Yeah. They've been at it for hours. You can have the bed. I'll sleep on the floor. I'm sorry about this. It's only for one night. ELIZABETH: You did it, Andy. You really pulled it off. ANDY: Of course I did, Elizabeth. Being a fake is what I do best. BUD: That's our offer, Andy. ANDY: This is more than we're asking. BUD: We want it all. The furniture the dishes, the pots and pans. BETSY: It's all so perfect. We want everythingWe want everything. BUD: I even want the dog. ANDY: Yellow Dog? You want Yellow Dog? BUD: Just initial that offer on the bottom, Andy, and we'll call it a deal. ANDY: I've done a lot of things I'm ashamed of lately, Elizabeth. Made a lot of mistakes. I don't wanna make another one. I don't wanna move, I like it hereI don't wanna move, I like it here. ELIZABETH: I don't wanna move either. BUD: Hey, what is this? ANDY: And I don't want a divorce. ELIZABETH: Neither do I. ANDY: You don't? ELIZABETH: Of course not. I don't know what I was doing. You were acting so strange. ANDY: I know I was. I'm sorry. ELIZABETH: So am I. BUD: Hold it. Wait a minute here. What the hell is going on? [ANDY SPEAKS INDISTINCTLY] BUD: What? ELIZABETH: He says the house is no longer for salethe house is no longer for sale BUD: Well, he can't do that. [ANDY SPEAKS INDISTINCTLY] ELIZABETH: He says we've decided to stay. BUD: Come on, Betsy. Let's get the hell out of here. You'll be hearing from my attorney, Farmer. ANDY: F... you. ELIZABETH: He says you can contact him through the law offices of Marion Corey, Jr. Carolers singing 'Jingle bells'[Carolers singing 'Jingle bells'] BUD: Out of the way. Get out of the way. Shut up! ANDY: Everybody gather around. Gather around, everybody. May I have your attention, please? I have an announcement to make. MAYOR BARCLAY: Sorry, Andy and Elizabeth. We let those two get away. We'll do better next time. ANDY: That doesn't matter anymore. I have good news. We're not leaving. We've decided to stay. [MURMURING] BROCK: What about our money? ANDY: Well, I know that was part of the original plan but the circumstances have changed. HANK: We still get our money, don't we? ANDY: Well, I'm sure that all of you in the spirit of the joyous Christmas season will find it in your hearts-- Perhaps not. [DUCKS QUACKING]


With the success of National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation the following year, Funny Farm did eventually gain a cult following and is now regarded by critics and Chevy Chase fans as one of his best films.

The movie was filmed on location in Vermont, mostly in Townshend.

Screenwriter Jeffrey Boam said he "loved" the book. "It was exactly the kind of movie I always wanted to write. It needed a lot of work because it wasn't told in the fashion that could be filmed, but I loved the idea of working with Chevy. He was a comedy hero of mine and still is."

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